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SafeSurv & ID Checking

Responsible Service of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis

SafeSurv is the initial inspiration and the lifeblood that brought together our founding team. Stemming from the tragic underage drunk driving death of a friend, SafeSurv was created to directly prevent future deaths relating to underage consumption. SafeSurv has gone on to provide security to over 1million alcohol, tobacco, cannabis transactions across the USA and Canada.

We pioneered complimentary responsible service technology.


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SafeSurv & ID Checking

Fighting Fake ID Use

Through our work with the SafeSurv ID checking app we quickly found that many government bodies heavily discourage confiscation of any form of identification. This is a very unique problem that yields unfortunate levels of liability for staff and organizations where confiscation of ID is prevalent. We solve this by enabling our entire user base to be interconnected to our very own crowd sourced fake ID network


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The Web Pixel for Real Life

The web pixel has done wonders for online commerce and the modern power of the internet. This power has somehow evaded the physical world. We brought this technology to the physical world.


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THEOS Beverage

Simplifying the Alcohol Supply Chain

The alcohol supply chain is made up of three tiers: distributors, suppliers, and retailers. All of which benefit from product moving efficiently. Unfortunately, this industry has progressed very little into the modern age of online marketplaces, and automation. We solve this problem by unifying all three tiers in a single marketplace which enables all three tiers to gain improved time efficiencies, and optimize the rate at which product flows from manufacturing to end consumer.